Food Service & Agriculture



Water treatment in dairy production

MLÉKÁRNA HLINSKO, Pardubický kraj (food service)

  • Removal of hardness using the modern duplex stainless steel softening filter TVK 110 ZND.
  • Removal of nitrates using the stainless steel nitrate filter TVK 100 DZND.
  • Supply of complete drinking water treatment technology including equipment delivery, automation and electrical wiring, measuring equipment and stainless steel piping connection.

Mobile water treatment plant in Cetorazi, including a concrete water tank

AGRIA, Obrataň, Kraj Vysočina (agriculture)


  • Pumping raw water from the water tank through the suction bucket with the backflow device (reduced pressure zone valve) to the water treatment plant using Grundfos CM 5 horizontal pumps + 100 l pressure vessel and pressure switch.
  • Installation of:
    • Two TF 1 tube filters with discharge to filter gross impurities + one DN 25 pulse water meter for flow rate measurement and control of the Grundfos DDE 6-10 dosing pump for a coagulating agent with a hand stirrer and a catch container.
    • Stainless steel pressure TVK 40 sand filter to filter dirt and iron.
    • Automatic pressure TVKP 50 CR fiberglass filter with control valve to remove residual iron, manganese and NH4.
    • Stainless steel UV 87W lamps to destroy germs.
    • Pipework in PVC material + pipework between treatment plant and water tank in PE material made at antifreeze depth.



Supply of drinking water treatment technology for the farm

Farma TORO Hlavečník, Hradec Králové, Královéhradecký kraj (agriculture)

  • Removal of iron, manganese, colour and turbidity.
  • Management of the mixing of water resources entering the water treatment plant.
  • Hygienic security of drinking water supply by dosing chemicals of potassium permanganate and sodium hypochloride.
  • The treated water enters the stainless steel TVK 110 S pressure filter with a special MTM media to remove iron and manganese without adjusting the pH of the raw water.
  • Installation of induction flow meters onto washing and discharge pipework connected to the automatic pressure station in order to track the flow of washing water and water through the system.



Water treatment for the leading dairy producer

PRIBINA, Hesov, Kraj Vysočina (food service)

  • Removal of iron and manganese using a stainless steel pressure filter TVK 80 S.
  • Delivery of pumping technology, measuring technology, and PVC pipework.
  • Further water treatment using several stainless steel pressure filters RF 6-30.



Water treatment for boreholes - removal of iron and manganese

HAMÉ, Babice, Zlínský kraj (food service)

  • Supply and installation of pressure stainless steel automatic filters.
  • Project documentation, electrical wiring and automation of the water treatment plant.



Water treatment for margarine production

UNILEVER, Nelahozeves, Středočeský kraj (food service)

  • Removal of iron and manganese, and bacteria,.
  • Ultrafiltration with reduced conductivity.
  • Installation of stainless steel TVK 120 S automatic filter, RF 20 sleeve filter, UV lamp RAL WA 110W, reverse osmosis RO 10.000 D.
  • The customer has awarded our business for a constructive approach.



Water treatment for non-alcoholic beverages

KOFOLA, Krnov, Moravskoslezský kraj & Mnichovo Hradiště, Středočeský kraj, Czech Republic & Rájecká Lesná, Žilina, Slovak Republic (food service)

  • Water filtration using stainless steel pressure filters RF 30.
  • Removal of hardness using glass-fiber duplex softener filters TVK 110 ZD.
  • Delivery of PVC pipework.