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28. 2. 2023

Water treatment plant for the village of Polnička

Implementation of a new water treatment technology with a capacity of 2.7 l/s to remove nitrates and pesticides from municipal water sources, incl. AT station and stainless steel water tank equipment, chemical management, electrical, measurement and regulation and visualization.

31. 1. 2023

Spa Mšené

Delivery of an automatic pumping station with pumps with a frequency converter (Qmax= 7 l/s at H=70 m), including suction and discharge pipes up to the outlet to the consumer in PE material.

5. 1. 2023

Explosia a.s., Pardubice

Production and delivery of two sleeve filters RF 30 with a maximum output of 30 m3/hour. for the filtration of mechanical impurities of water from the river Elbe.

31. 10. 2022

The village of Tis - removal of pesticides

Installation of TVK 80 UMD filter, incl. of the safety sleeve filter RF6 for the removal of pesticides from the source of drinking water, the modernization of the hygienic security of water and the processing of the operational regulations of the treatment plant, incl. risk analysis in accordance with decree 252/2004 Coll.

1. 1. 2017

VEOLIA ENERGIE in Kolín, Středočeský kraj

Water treatment for producer and supplier of combined heat and power (cogeneration CHP) consisted of cartridge maintenance of demineralisation lines and softening filters. We also disassembled and delivered the regeneration junction of the demineralisation lines.

1. 1. 2017

MSA in Dolní Benešov, Moravskoslezský kraj

Water treatment for the world manufacturer of industrial fittings consisted of reconstruction of drinking water treatment technology to remove iron, manganese and CO2 , and increase pH; proposal of project documentation taking into account the modified input parameters of raw water; water treatment technology - filtration, aeration, sludge filtering, chemical dosing; automation of the operation and management of the water main, including the local control station and data transfer to the existing power dispatching system.

1. 1. 2017

ISOVER SAINT-GOBAIN ORSIL in Častolovice, Královéhradecký kraj

Water treatment for the manufacturer of thermal, soundproofing and fire insulation of mineral fibers consisted of replacement of existing pressure filters with new TVK 200 filters with 2 m height, with automatic control, control unit and parallel connection. We removed turbidity, iron and mechanical impurities. We also completed replacement of pipelines and technological wiring and reconstruction of pumping equipment.

1. 1. 2011

HAMÉ in Babice, Zlínský kraj

Water treatment of boreholes - removal of iron and manganese - for this food company involved supply and installation of pressure stainless steel automatic filters, and also project documentation, electrical wiring and automation of the water treatment plant.

1. 1. 2010

VEBA in Police nad Metují, Královéhradecký kraj

During the 1st phase of water treatment for the textile plant, we have delivered pressure softening filters and stainless steel and plastic piping. Also, we have installed pumping equipment and electrical parts: power distribution and process control systems (SŘTP).