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Municipal water tank in Hojkov, the Vysočina Region.

We can offer complete delivery and installation of potable water treatment systems including construction work.
Owing to the production of our own stainless steel and plastic water treatment equipment, we can design a water treatment plant according to customers' specific needs and possibilities.

We drill 245 mm diameter holes to increase the water capacity of the borehole and to achieve higher flow rates.
We recommend that every local municipality has a backup water source and at least two boreholes.
Possible private water supplies are underground wells, wells, rivers, municipal ponds and the like.

the wine-growing village of Vrbovec - one of our customers

We provide:

  • Assistance in obtaining a subsidy from various funds.
  • Cooperation with water and wastewater treatment plant operators (VaK).
  • Supply of chemicals for filter operations, replacement of cartridge filters and pump service in wells.
  • Supervision of the continuous drinking water quality on the basis of a service contract.
  • Service in the shortest possible term.
  • Trained personnel for optimal operation of water treatment plants.
  • Implementation of water treatment plants based on the needs of the operator and the personnel.