PN Plastic Tank


PN is made of polypropylene material in one-wall or double-wall design. It serves as a water tank for drinking and technological water, a reaction tank for dissolving and mixing chemicals, and for blending, separating and sedimenting fats. The tanks can be interconnected arbitrarily. Their accessories can be either manual or automatic stirrers, vents, hatches and securing plastic catchment tanks as per customer requirements.

PN plastic tank – angular.

Three Variants:

  • Cylindrical (100 l - 2 000 l) – self-supporting reaction tank.
  • Atypical (1 000 l - 10 000 l) – concrete is used around it and it serves for discharge of wastewater from family houses and workplaces, or for harvesting rainwater or drinking water.
  • Angular (1 000 l - 20 000 l) – tank of so-called wall elements (self-supporting or not).