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ZOO Praha

Reconstruction of the water treatment plant for varans in the Indonesian jungle pavilion

ZOO Prague

  • Adjustment of water purification technology and its recirculation in Indonesia pavilion at the Zoological Gardens in Prague.
  • The line I, which supplies a lake of varanos, was reconstructed.
  • Apart from the price, the total duration of the engagement was an equally important criterion to minimize interrupted operation/closure of the pavilion for the public - we manage to finish the order in 1 day.


ilustrativní foto - Krkonošské muzeum

Reconstruction of the water treatment plant in the Krkonošské Muzeum

Vrchlabí, Královehradecký kraj


  • Elimination of the emergency state of filtration of circulating water within the trout stream exhibition at KRNAP (The Krkonoše Mountains National Park) Krkonoše Museum in Vrchlabí.
  • Preserving the existing principle of circulating water treatment with the pre-cleaning process and simple filtration.
  • In the first separation process, the replacement of the non-functional hair filter behind the filter,
    in the second stage the installation of a new automatic pressure filter (to remove suspended substances, turbidity and any residual chlorine from the leakage from the public water supply line).
  • Electrical wiring, automation of operation, piping connection including fittings.
  • Dismantling and disposal of existing damaged technology.



Water Treatment Facility for Masaryk Hospital

Ústí nad Labem, Ústecký kraj

  • Supply of water softener.
  • Dismantling the existing water treatment plant and its ecological disposal.
  • Installation of a new plant, commissioning and training of the operator.
  • Elaboration of project documentation of water treatment technology including pipeline dimensions.
  • Test operation, actual execution documentation, inspection reports, operating instructions, operator training.

Mobile Water Treatment Plant for the Mexican Armed Forces


  • Delivery of 2 mobile water treatment plants (UMÚV) with a flow capacity of 10 m3/hour.