PV Aeration Tower

PV is made of polypropylene (PVP) and stainless steel (PV) , except for PVC-U pipelines. This pressureless device is suitable for the oxidation and removal of undesirable volatile gases (e.g. chlorine, radon, carbon dioxide, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ammonium ions NH4) from water circulating indoor.

Leaflet PV Aeration Tower

Information about our radon program.

PV 661 Aeration Tower – in Vrbovec, South Moravian Region.


  • Connecting fittings as per customer requirements (e.g. screw threads, flanges),
  • Insulation,
  • UV-resistant PV for outdoor,
  • With drainage or free drainage,
  • Carbon air filters,
  • Sound absorption.
PV Aeration Tower - in Předmíř, South Bohemian Region.

Technical Description:

  • Inlet (upper part), middle part, outlet (lower part).
  • Stainless steel screws to connect individual parts.
  • Spray system for the inlet.
  • Plastic contact cartridge (middle part - water flows in a very thin layer; undesirable gases are released from the water and replaced immediately by oxygen).
  • Outlet neck (outlet part).
  • Suction fan - sucking air against running water and releasing gases outside the work area into outdoor air.