NN Stainless Steel Tank

Are made of stainless steel (fair replacement for fiberglass or steel). We also offer atypical stainless tanks. Quality tanks processing ensures their long service life. Welding is dual and is done using the TIG method - the root and the addition of the material according to the prescribed procedure WPS. The work is carried out by certified welders of hot metal welding under the supervision of an experienced welding technologist. Tanks can be interconnected freely with other tanks.

A pressurized stainless steel tank through which water flows does not have to meet the criteria for pressure vessels because the air does not circulate in it.



NN stainless steel tanks.


  • Cylindrical (100 – 30 000 l).
    • supplied together with TVK filters with the Fleck and Siata control valves as well as own control units.
    • atypical stainless tanks, such as resistant to earthquakes and high temperature condensate
    • use as a reaction tank to remove excess ozone during ozonisation.
  • Simple (125 – 10 000 l). 
    • standardized collection tanks suitable for storage of clean water with a certificate for drinking water.
    • Uses especially in the food industry.
    • Simple and cost-effective solution for water storage.
stainless steel tank angular
  • Angular (100 – 40 000 l).
    • One-wall or double-wall design.
    • It serves as water tank for drinking and technological water (both cold and hot), chemicals, food and also as reaction and dissolving tanks