Households and Small Businesses

Water treatment plant in a family house – from left: pressure vessel, control unit, UV lamp, tube filters, fiberglass automatic filter.

We ensure:

  • Borehole pump and pressure vessel installation with water accumulation for equalizing off-peaks.
  • Implementation of a water treatment plant with a maximum capacity of 500 l/hour.
  • Complete post-warranty service and supplies of necessary chemicals.
  • Economical use of space when assembling the individual parts of the facility.
Water treatment plant with two chemical tanks, two dosing pumps, two tube filters and TVK filter.

We offer:

  • All equipment, filter cartridges, pipeline system with a certificate for contact with drinking water and a reduced VAT rate.
  • TVK pressure filter to remove iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn).
  • Hygienic provision of chlorination.
  • Pumping technology.
  • Fine water filters and softening filters.
  • Garden hoses and sprinkler systems.
  • Swimming pool accessories.