Sports and Leisure Facilities

Stainless steel TVK filters with special surface coating.

For swimming pools, aqua parks and spa we provide:

  • Removal of higher amounts of manganese and iron than required by the Czech Drinking water quality guidelines.
  • Avoiding the creation of undesirable sediments and pollution of pavements and tiles in swimming pools, during hydrotherapy and other workplaces.
  • Reducing the risk of incrustation in water pipelines.
  • Surface treatment of stainless steel filters with special coating.
  • Securing the water supply even in the event of a power outage by an automatic pressure station serving to connect the water tank with an emergency power system (natural gas power generation CHP).


Ondrej Nepela Ice Hockey Arena in Bratislava – Vodaservis‘ client during the Ice Hockey World Championship in 2011.

For ice hockey arenas we provide:

  • Complete design and delivery of water treatment technology for ice production:
    • Project documentation.
    • Pump technology.
    • Pipeline systems.
    • Measurement and Regulation (MaR).


Automatic TVK 80 filter.

For hotels and hospitality we offer:

  • Water softening to extend the functionality and durability of expensive kitchen appliances.
  • Compulsory sampling in the accredited laboratory.
  • Adapting water treatment plants to the demanding water consumption patterns.
  • Obtaining, modifying, accumulating and delivering a water supply to customers.
  • Creation of operating rules for a water supply system.