Measurement & Regulation MaR


Supply of electric and M&R

As part of the installation of technological units of water treatment plants, we:

  • Design and supply of complete wiring, switch cabinets and lightning conductors.
  • Install structured cabling (including electrical revisions).
  • Provide pumping water from the well, chemical dosing and M&R of water flow (values from water meters, operational status of each device and failure are measured, redgulated and information about them are stored in multi-level data archives).
scheme - water treatment plant

Water treatment plant control and remote data transfer

In order for an operator of the water treatment plant or water tank to have an immediate overview of all processes, he has a fully automated system including:

  • Remote data transmission (telemetry) to the operator's central control room.
  • Daily log.
  • Print sets of measured values and statistics.
  • Visualization of control processes and results.
  • Presentation of visualization results through standard internet browsers, mobile phones, tablets.
  • Direct display of results using LED panels, e.g. on the switchboard in the water treatment plant.