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VODASERVIS Ltd. deals with the implementation of orders in the field of supply of technological units for drinking, technological and swimming pool water treatment, reconstruction of old piping systems for drinking and swimming pool water for the households, municipalities and businesses. The good name of the organization is supported by ongoing work on building an organization, based on honest and trustworthy dealing with customers. The systems of quality management (QMS), environment (EMS) and occupational health and safety (OHS) form an integrated management system of the organization. The company management is committed to continuously improving the effectiveness of the integrated management system, notably through the set objectives, targets, programs and control mechanisms.

Quality management systems (QMS) Certificate

ISO 9001:2008 and ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2009 for the scope of activity "Production, supply and installation of equipment and technological units for water treatment"

  • Meeting the requirements and wishes of our customers is a fundamental goal of the organization; customer satisfaction always comes first.
  • Customer are provided with the highest quality service; customers experience all-round willingness and help from the organization's staff.
  • The organization's employees are following the basic such as exercising a positive attitude, decent behavior, a high level of professionalism and expertise, reliability and trustworthiness in and outside the work environment.
  • Our organization is a purely Czech organization situated in the region in which it operates; it seeks to offer high quality services and promotes regional sporting, cultural and social activities.
  • We aim to strengthen the tradition and reputation of the organization, together with the maximum effort to expand and improve the quality and quantity of the services offered, thus ensuring the long-term perspective of the organization and also the certainty of our customers.
  • The company creates favorable working conditions for its employees; workers help each other and reinforce the way the team members fulfill their assigned tasks; Being employed by the organization is a matter of prestige for workers.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Certificate

ISO 14001:2004 and ČSN EN ISO 14001: 2005 for the scope of activity "Production, supply and installation of equipment and technological units for water treatment"

  • The organization is committed to continuously improving its environmental profile while maintaining and developing its business activities.
  • Maintaining the conditions of a healthy environment obliges the organization to meet all the requirements of the applicable environmental laws and regulations and other requirements to which it is subject.
  • The organization prevents the occurrence of causes of potential environmental damage and gradually seeks to focus on suppliers who introduce the principles of EMS into their activities or already have the system in place and who have solved the process of recycling or disposal of waste.
  • The organization communicates openly and in a friendly way to the public and provides stakeholders with true information about the environmental impacts of its activities.
  • The tools to continuous improvement of the efficiency of the environmental management system are, above all, identifying, reviewing and assessing the severity of all environmental aspects, setting objectives, target values ​​and EMS programs and a defined system of control mechanisms.

Occupational health and safety (OHS) Certificate

ISO 45001 for the scope of activity "Production, supply and installation of equipment and technological units for water treatment"

  • The organization creates favorable, safe and healthy working conditions for its employees in accordance with the requirements for a safe and hygienic working environment in order to prevent accidents and health damage
  • Only activities for which the company has valid permits are performed, they are performed only by qualified employees with the prescribed health and professional qualifications, and production facilities are used that meet binding requirements for quality and management and execution of activities, legislative compliance, and the organization also transfers these principles to external provider.
  • The management of the organization continuously improves the OSH management system. It releases sufficient human, technical and financial resources for this purpose. As part of all the activities carried out, the organization continuously improves the products and services provided, which are offered to all existing and potential customers, with an emphasis on minimizing negative effects on the OSH system
  • The organization undertakes to fulfill the requirements of relevant legal and other regulations, discuss matters with workers, eliminate hazards and reduce risks in the field of health and safety.
  • The organization strives to ensure that its basis is always a professionally strong and stable collective of workers.
  • As part of increasing the level of the products provided, the organization continuously applies new, modern technologies.