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filtering scheme

We use the following procedures for water treatment:


separates floating and dispersed elements or substances (e.g. iron, manganese, aluminum, chemical oxygen demand by manganese, ammonium ions, impurities causing turbidity and coloring) from water or air. Depending on the number of filterable particles in water and air, we select different types of filters and filter cartridges (filter materials). The amount of substances deposited on the filter cartridges increases over time and the filter cartridge gets clogged. The clogged filter can either be cleaned (washed) or replaced.

CFH sorbents to remove arsenic, lead, and other substances


captures inappropriate elements and substances (e.g. arsenic, pesticides, atrazine, uranium, chlorinated hydrocarbons, heavy metals, lead, impurities, coloring, scent and odour) from water using activated charcoal (or sorbent). In order to ensure the desired properties of sorbated water, it is necessary to choose the appropriate filter cartridge (material) and the correct type of filter. Absorbent elements are deposited on the sorption cartridge filter. Absorbed sorption cartridge can not be washed, but must be replaced on a regular basis.

Technological solutions for removal of:

      radon           iron          manganese          nitrates            acidity           pesticides         hardness           minerals           bacteria          mechanical impurities