TVK Z Softening Filter

The refill filter in stainless or plastic design is used to soften water. For low flow rates, a fiberglass filter can be used, for a larger flow rates used in food/heavy industry  or softening of hot water it is necessary to choose a full stainless steel filter.

Leaflet TVK Z Softening Filter - 249 kB

Automatic stainless steel TVK ZN softening filter.


  • stainless steel TVK ZH or fiberglass TVKP ZH ( manufactured with control valve)
  • with independent control unit or control valve (Fleck, Siata) on the top of the cylinder
  • Flow rate: 0.2 - 55 m3/hour (TVK ZH - filter with one plastic control valve), 0.2 - 90 m3/hour (TVK ZN and TVK ZNM with manual control).
  • for intermittent (simple) or continuous (duplex) operation

Automatic fiberglass TVK P softening filter.

Technical description:

  • stainless steel or fiberglass pressure tank filled with ion exchange filling, 
  • control unit (including a pulse water meter for a volume device),
  • interior fitting and a filter cartridge, brine tank with connection,
  • after saturation of the ion exchange th filling must be regenerated. The regeneration of the ion exchanger takes place in two ways: Automatically or after passing the specified amount of water through the input pulse water meter. Consumption of regenerative salt: approx. 0.2 kg / l of ion exchange charge. In the case of a duplexing device, the pressure filters are two and alternate (at the time of regeneration of one filter, the second filter is triggered automatically and vice versa to ensure continuous water treatment.